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Trained Technicians for Auto Glass Repair in Prince George

Are you seeking services from experienced glass professionals for enhanced safety? Whether you need glass repair for cars, pickup trucks, RVs, boats, semi-trailer trucks, dump trucks, or tractors, we can help. Our technicians are trained in auto glass repair and offer services across Prince George and the surrounding areas. We have turned our 50 years of experience into an asset to provide our customers with unparalleled service. The combined experience of our staff is reflected in our ability to work on a variety of heavy-duty vehicle glass. We provide top-notch mobile services, making it convenient for you to get your cracked or broken vehicle glass fixed.


We also offer the most extensive window warranties in the industry and accept both ICBC and private insurance claims for automotive work. You can call Diamond Auto & Window Glass for mobile services offered by a friendly and professional team.

Boat Glass Services

The windshield of a boat plays an important role in deflecting wind and preventing the passengers from getting soaked when you’re out on the water. Even if there is small damage to your boat glass, repairing it right away becomes a matter of safety.

At Diamond Auto & Window Glass, in addition to our auto glass services, we are also seasoned boat glass professionals. When you need boat glass installation, repair or replacement in Prince George, connect with us.


Glass Installations and Replacements in Prince George

We have a huge variety of glass products available for pickup and delivery, with mobile services available across Prince George and the surrounding areas. Our services include:

Energy-saving windows

Auto glass repair

Windshield replacements

Window glass

Industrial glass

Shop glass


New construction window and door installations

And more

Leave Glass Repair to the Professionals

Trust Diamond Auto & Window Glass to provide you with reliable technicians for glass repair services.

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